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Poster: grendelschoice Date: Sep 14, 2006 9:48am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: A question for the lucky '77 showgoers

Thank you for the tale, Sonamajon!

I can only say I wish i'd been there as well. Your example of the Comes a Time from Buff. is an excellent's almost eerie how quiet the crowd gets, letting Jerry and Donna take the time to really stretch out those beautiful vocals and lyrics, and that guitar solo Jerry plays in the middle...words are insufficient to describe it.

I can see as well how once they returned in the fall, folks were understandably jacked up, wanting even MORE, and how the vibe amongst the crowd maybe wasn't as mellow, but it seems the boys did deliver. Those early Nov. shows are fantastic--totally agree w/the 1/2 Step call from the Bing.

I'm assuming you've heard or have a copy of the 10-29 show from N. Ill.? Wonder fo folks who were on tour the whole time were talking about the insane Mickey/billy drums at the end of Sugar Mag. and the like.

I guess i just find a groove and a smoothness to this year of shows that seems to have gotten away from the band almost as soon as '78 began. Of course, there were scores and scores of amazing shows in the years to follow, but from what i can hear, they never retained that "perfect storm" combination of intense jams, smooth, relaxed delivery, "perfect Brothers" standards of nailing the lyrics 99% of the time, and the occassional bring-down-the-house number all rolled into one, as Jerry might say.

Strangely, I expected Phil to spend a lot of time discussing 1977 in Searching for the Sound, but he just glances over it--probably b/c he says he spent most of that year inside a bottle of bourbon,and forgot a lot of it, but you wouldn't know that from his playing (as the opening bass groove to the Cornell Scarlet attests).

Glad you and your car eventually made it through to speak of these things, and thanks a ton for giving me the 411 on your attendance at those magic shows.

Any others with such tales? Bring it on!